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X The development of this game is currently finished.
If you are interested on this game do not hesitate to contact us.

About the game

"Duel of the Summoners" is a Network-Multiplayergame where two summoners compete against each other. The aim is to destroy the enemys "soulcrystal" while protecting the own. These "soulcrystal" represent the anchors for manifestation in the world. If one stone is destroyed his owner will lose the connection to this special world, thus decides which summoner wins and who loses. Fighting is done with the help of creatures that can be summoned and can be controlled with commands.

The player himself is not able to interact with the world. The only exceptions to this are the "Call of creatures" and to command them. Therefor a variety of creatures are available: a "Scout" who can map the dungeon, the "Attacker" and the "Defender" which are appropriate for attack or defense, according to their names. To make the game less predictable, each dungeon is randomly generated and unknown at the beginning.


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We are living in a world where magic is more than a myth. Magic is pervasive, flows though all existence but only a few accomplish the required hight mental abilities to become an summoner. Those powerful magicians are able to summon creatures from an other world. By this ability they are always conscious about one simple fact. We are not alone! There are endless other worlds like ours which differ only in a few aspects from our world.

Some of the most powerful evocators succeeded in leaving this world but not by body, because only the spirit is flexible enough to wander through the gap of the dimensions. They are immersing into the world between the worlds. There exists not life like ours, no outside world, no civilisation, just dark caves which are called dungeons. If you believe the stories. In these worlds the magicians are playing a dangerous game. They try to overcome each other by summoning and to deny each others access to these worlds. Their only aim is to become the most powerfull sumonner through the Duel of the Summoners.




Job listing

We are always looking for talented people who would like to join us in working on one of the most inspiring and ambitious projects out there.

So contact us if you are interested in promoting this attractive project. In particular, are looking for:

  • Audio artist
  • 2D graphic designer
  • 3D graphic designer
  • Webadmin (Django)
Please note: We are a team of volunteers. All work done for the team and the project is VOLUNTEER work.


We worked on a new website with comunity functions. So currendly we don't have a official forum.

You can get in touch with us by mail:

Help & Support

Mail: supportAt-signDotS-game.com
  • Report bugs and issues
  • Ask for help related to the game
  • Report ideas and suggestions


Mail: infoAt-signDotS-game.com
  • Request game access
  • Offer application for a job
  • Everything else


Do you want to explore the dungeons with your summoner as soon as possible?

For this, corridors must be excavated, torches must be brought and spellbooks must be written. Of course our hard-working minions must be paid.

To accelerate the development you can support us with donations.

Donations are used for:
  • Gaming servers
  • 3D Models
  • Development structure

Simply select your favorite service to support the progress of this project. We are very grateful for any support.